DiversityAssured Program

With increasing Diversity/Workforce goals and stricter compliance requirements on construction projects, it can be challenging for Owners, Agencies, and Contractors to find qualified M/W/DBEs and diverse workers. The time and money spent trying to achieve these goals doesn’t always pan out and you may find yourself falling short of your goals. (When we refer to M/W/DBE firms we include all manner of classifications including but not limited to Minority, Women, Disadvantaged, Disabled, Veteran Owned, LGBTQ, Section 3 Business Concerns, Small and Local Business Enterprises.)

M/W/DBE Contractors may also be discouraged facing barriers to entry like bonding, insurance, access to capital and other resources.

TSIB created a program to help maximize participation and perform many of the activities necessary to succeed. Our exclusive program, DiversityAssured, is unique because it benefits all parties—Owners, Agencies, Contractors, M/W/DBEs and workers.

Our Mission

Support the growth and development of certified firms, a diverse workforce and the organizations that hire them.

Program not only reduces the burden of diversity goal compliance but also helps to increase M/W/DBE and workforce utilization. This holistic approach was designed to support diversity, equity, and inclusion on your projects.

Our overall program consists of:

We help our clients create a successful model of engagement that will increase social impact and contribute to contract wins. We also help develop and implement project specific programs or refresh existing ones focused on specific Corporate Social Equity Actions. Our team is experienced in the development of meaningful proposal and contract language. We can assist your team in the review of compliance obligation requirements and create contract specific compliance Guidelines and Checklists that are consistent with Commercially Useful Function (CUF) requirements.

Our database is one of a kind. We enhance the public data available on agency websites regarding M/W/DBE capacity by requesting that certified firms complete our Business Enterprise Questionnaire (BEQ). This information provides our clients with a “snapshot” view of each firms experience and may serve to guide meaningful procurement decisions before requiring lower tier companies to submit a formal pre-qualification.

Capacity Building is designed to provide training and technical assistance as well as access to resources like bonding, insurance, and capital. Upon completion of the BEQ, we assess the strengths and weaknesses of certified firms and support their growth with training and access to resources. Most importantly, we share their information with our clients. This helps us match each contractor with right sized contract opportunities.

Outreach and Community Engagement is the process of increasing the diversity, equity, and inclusion in the communities we build. It is not a one-time contract-based exercise. Our team has important strategic relationships with community-based organizations that regularly refer and support certified firms for participation on projects. Our team hosts and attends sponsored events and provides one-on-one risk management counseling.

Good Faith Efforts are the contractual obligations to fill diversity goals on public and private projects. These activities are required on many public and private contracts, often with specified regulatory requirements. DiversityAssured performs meaningful GFE on behalf of our clients including advertising opportunities, custom list building, email solicitations, follow-up phone calls, certification reviews, waiver applications, utilization tracking and the recordkeeping associated with these action items. We’re able to help during bid leveling meetings to support the success of Prime and Lower Tier contractors with strategic referrals. DiversityAssured can also support your firm’s management of the GFE associated with workforce requirements.


This includes meeting regularly with contractors to make sure their utilization remains consistent with their commitment, and to assist them with revisions and resubmissions. Site Visits are used to support regulatory compliance requirements. Our team is experienced at managing Payment Reporting, recordkeeping and the reporting associated with M/W/DBE participation.

Workforce Participation/Certified Payroll

We are experienced at managing the Good Faith Efforts and Compliance activities associated with workforce requirements including Section 3 regulations. Our team can review subcontractor payrolls and conduct field interviews to support compliance with labor requirements.

Our integrated software system allows us to manage recordkeeping without a hitch. This includes the management of our proprietary database, Good Faith Efforts, M/W/DBE utilization tracking, payment information, workforce utilization and Certified Payroll conveniently supported in one system with one login and can frequently be customized to interface with your software and other systems.

Services that transcend diversity, equity, and inclusion! Our service center has over 15 years of experience managing the solicitation, collection and safekeeping of your important communications and documentation. We perform the work needed to onboard new subcontractors, collect requisitions, reports, and other ad hoc forms and records. We do the reminding for you and track our efforts for your review.

Attention M/W/DBE Contractors!

We know pre-qualifications are intense and public databases may not accurately reflect your up-to-date information. That’s why, as part of our DiversityAssured Program we have created a questionnaire that focuses on your capacity. Our Business Enterprise Questionnaire (BEQ)* provides decision makers with a snapshot of your capacity and the information that really matters. With your permission, we are happy to share your experience with our clients. Companies looking for firms just like yours. If there is a match, you can then complete their formal pre-qualification.

The BEQ triggers a callback from our DiversityAssured Program team. We discuss your capacity and provide access to the resources & risk management tools you need. Once in the program, we then connect you with our clients to find the right opportunities for you.

* Please Note: You will be directed to a 3rd Party website to complete the questionnaire.

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The DiversityAssured program reduces the burden of time and money spent on managing Compliance Services. Our team performs the ongoing community engagement, talent assessment, M/W/DBE Contractor Supportive Services, and Recordkeeping/Reporting that will help your project teams maximize participation.


Our program performs the contractual good faith effort obligations of soliciting work-ready M/W/DBE Contractors from poorly informed public databases for you. Our data can help you identify work-ready M/W/DBE Contractors, for right sized contracts.

Certified Firms

This program is based on mutual collaboration and personal engagement between Stakeholders at all tiers to ensure certified firms have the access to the resources they need to succeed. In addition, we share procurement opportunities to help maintain and manage the costs associated with it.

All-In-One Approach

When working with TSIB, all parties have access to our Brokerage and Administration services. We are able to bundle Insurance services with our DiversityAssured Program, to keep everything in-house and decrease overall costs for you.

Whether you are an Owner, Agency, Contractor, or M/W/DBE, our DiversityAssured Program can benefit you! Let us help you achieve success on your next project. to discuss how our DiversityAssured program is right for you! Reach out to Andis Woodlief or Anthony Amicucci today to discuss how our DiversityAssured program is right for you!

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