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Programs and Reinsurance Solutions servicing the MGA community.

TSIB is driven to create successful MGA, Insurance, and Reinsurance partnerships for our clients. We strive to help our clients grow their businesses, increase profitability and promote program continuity.

The Program sector continues to see steady growth as carriers continue to rely on MGAs to expand core business and enter into new classes of business more efficiently. Additionally, program managers continue to expand their network of carrier and reinsurance partners as risk appetites shift. TSIB is committed to its clients by providing brokerage services and financial strength through its strong industry partnerships.

TSIB Programs Reinsurance

Our Experience Includes:

  • Building consistent program relationships with strong carrier partnerships focused on disciplined program administration.
  • Managing and diversifying into new classes of business.
  • Working with MGAs in developing strategic market presentations in search of new Insurance and Reinsurance partnerships.
  • Expert deal structuring capabilities, whether insurance company-based, fronted and backed by reinsurance, captive alternatives, and risk sharing.


  • TSIB’s delivery of customized program alternatives and expert structuring knowledge.
  • A team approach that recognizes the multifaceted challenges in building sound and successful programs.
  • Successful placement of MGA, Carrier and Reinsurance products and services necessary for strong programs.
  • Deep market relationships with insurers, reinsurers and program managers to meet the needs of our clients.
  • TSIB is committed to growing your business.

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TSIB - Strong Partners & Successful Programs

We are driven to create successful MGA, Insurance carrier and reinsurance partnerships for our Clients that help grow their businesses, increase profitability and promote program continuity. Learn more about what we can do for your business.

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