TSIB is unique in our marketplace, as a firm dedicated exclusively to construction risk management for government agencies, owners, developers, and contractors. Our strength and focused construction expertise provide the advantage and buying power to negotiate the most favorable terms on our clients’ behalf.

Law Firms

TSIB Industries Law Firm

Is a client alleging misrepresentation, negligence, or fraud? Do you have adequate property coverage that extends to your in-house library and valuable papers? At TSIB we understand the unique risks your law firm faces and tailor our products what your firm specifically needs. Click here to learn how TSIB could help your Law Firm.


TSIB Industries Security

Risk associated with the Security Industry can be costly and complicated. Developing the most effective Risk Management Strategy is critical to the success and ability of your company to compete. TSIB develops and manages specialized insurance programs with the appropriate coverage for your business at the most competitive rates. Click here to learn more about TSIB’s specialized insurance programs.


TSIB Industries Contractors

Construction projects present a lot of risk for Contractors. Not only do we help you manage your construction risk, and control your losses, but we help you analyze your risk profile and design an insurance program to protect against that exposure. Click here to assess your risk and see what your risk exposure is.

Owner/Developer/General Contractor

TSIB Industries Owner Developer

Through a series of evaluations, we work with an Owner/Developer/General Contractor to design an insurance program focused on maximizing coverage, controlling cost, administration support, and claims management. Together, we will set project goals that reflect the client’s risk tolerance, and financial flexibility.

Managing General Agent (MGA)

TSIB Industries Managing General Agent

The Program sector continues to see steady growth as carriers continue to rely on MGAs to expand core business and enter into new classes of business more efficiently. Additionally, program managers continue to expand their network of carrier and reinsurance partners as risk appetites shift. TSIB is committed to its clients by providing brokerage services and financial strength through its strong industry partnerships. Click here to learn more about what we can do for your business.

Public Private Partnerships (P3)

TSIB Industries Public Private Partnerships (P3)

We understand that effectively managing a Public Private Partnership (P3) is a delicate balance between the social needs of a Public Entity and the for‐profit culture of the Private Sector. We look at risk from every angle: strategically, financially and operationally to ensure you are protected. Click here to download more information about managing a P3.

Civil Construction

TSIB Industries Civil Construction

Our construction roots give us a unique buyer’s perspective on construction risk assessment and risk mitigation. Our team has firsthand experience working as construction professionals on project sites. This experience enables us to offer valuable risk management options that go beyond traditional insurance risk.

Small Business

TSIB Industries Small Business

We take care of the small business risk, so you can take care of your big business results. Whether you are a do it yourself sole proprietor or a rapidly growing company, our team is dedicated to safeguarding you, your company, and your family. Let TSIB handle your risk management and insurance solutions, while you focus on your growing business. Click here to learn more about TSIB’s insurance solutions.

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