TSIB is unique in our marketplace as a firm dedicated exclusively to construction risk management for owners, developers, and contractors. Our strength and focused construction expertise provide the advantage and buying power to negotiate the most favorable terms on our clients’ behalf.

  • Airport Construction

    TSIB’s experience with airport specific exposures, insurance coverages and risk mitigation strategies has left us with a knowledge base that other brokerages simply cannot compete with.

    Airport Construction

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  • Hospital Construction

    TSIB’s team members have overseen projects across the country to they understand that construction projects can present your hospital with unique risks and complexities that are a departure from your overall insurance needs.

    Hospital Construction

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  • High Education Construction

    Construction projects can present your university can at times leave you vulnerable to risks your standard coverage will not cover, TSIB understands how to address these concerns and keep you covered.

    High Education Construction

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  • Public Authority Construction

    At TSIB we know Pubic Authority construction leaves you with challenges you are not accustomed to, which is why our approach is consultative, caring and thorough. Here are just a few examples of our public authority Wrap-Ups.

    Public Authority Construction

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  • Infrastructure Construction

    We know first-hand infrastructure specific exposures, insurance coverages and risk mitigation strategies can seem like a hassle but TSIB’s unique understand of the industry makes it simple.

    Infrastructure Construction

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  • Energy Construction

    Before your next energy construction project is booted up, take a closer look at TSIB, we understand the challenges you will face and we know how to solve them.

    Energy Construction

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  • Residential Construction

    Our unique knowledge and expertise, helps us to avoid overlooking key steps in setting up your program and incurring costly losses during your residential construction projects.

    Residential Construction

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  • Security

    Regardless of the industry, risks associated with Security can have high costs. TSIB can help craft a specialized insurance program with the appropriate coverages that offer the best protection.


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