Risk Management Information System (RMIS)

The Next Generation in Wrap-Up Administration

Wrapworks® is the most advanced, flexible, turn-key solution for automating and streamlining Wrap-Up administration. The administration of a CIP involves handling a large volume of paperwork. Critical to effective management of this information is an advanced Risk Management Information System (RMIS).

Technology Built Exclusively for Construction Insurance

  • A single technology platform for CCIPs, OCIPs, GL-only, WC-only & Certificate Tracking
  • Improved information access for sponsors & contractors plus effortless automation for administrators
  • Detailed reports
  • Ensure timely communication and submission for participants
  • Accessible via Web, all browsers, all devices including tablets
TSIB WrapWorks Platform

Features and Functions Overview

  • Online Enrollment
  • Automated follow-ups until required information submitted
  • Contractor reports subcontractors online
  • Carrier enrollment extract, automated
  • Automated Welcome Letter/Certificate issuance
  • Contractors can submit own deducts/credits in the Insurance Cost Worksheet (ICW) or submit rate/Dec page documents or worksheet documents
  • Track reported & verified ICW
  • Automatic reminders to submit payroll when due
  • Automatic reminders when payroll is late
  • Contractors Submit their own payroll online
  • Contractors can upload offsite certificates of insurance & endorsements for verification of compliance
  • Upload rate/Dec pages online & notify administrator to process
  • Enrollment
  • Payroll
  • Non-CIP (offsite) Certificates/ COI
  • Project Summaries
  • Claims Summaries, if carrier & sponsor supply claims information
  • Export to Excel
  • Distribute reports
  • Send bulk letters
  • Enrollment
  • Payroll
  • Missing information
  • Renewal COI (CIP & Non-CIP)
  • Closeout
  • Carrier Enrollment
  • Carrier Reports
  • Project Termination
  • And more

Proprietary Wrapworks Features


  • Enrollment Status
  • Payroll Summary by project or Contractor
  • Payroll Variance – payroll submitted vs the carrier audit results (if carrier results are received)
  • Loss Runs if claims are received and uploaded
  • Project Termination Schedule
  • Management Summary – Delinquencies Only
  • Compliance Status Report- states exactly what is needed to be compliant with the program
  • Delinquency Matrix – status count by project/sponsor
  • Summary of Payroll and Man hours
  • Comparison of Payroll to Contract Volume
  • EMR Report – list contractors and EMR rating


  • Reminder when project policies are going to terminate at 60 days, 45 days, 30 day, and 15 days
  • Termination letters to all Enrolled Contractors
  • Delinquency Matrix – by contract, by Wrap Administrator, by project
  • Offsite Contract Policies – list each line of coverage, carrier and broker and limits, start and end dates

Keep All Your Insurance in One Place with Project Tracker

Wrapworks can even help contractors manage all their own insurance coverages on a daily basis through a feature called Project Tracker.

Contractors must manage coverages on multi-levels, not only for corporate insurance but many are involved CIPs and other One-Off programs. This unique feature lets our clients keep track of all their projects.

No other system allows a contractor to have all this information in one place!

Project Tracker has the Ability to Store:

  • OCIP Manuals
  • Corporate Renewals & Policies
  • Loss Runs
  • Claims Documents
  • Audits
  • Payroll
  • Insurance Cost Worksheets
  • Bid Forms
  • Rate Pages
  • Endorsements
  • Policies
  • Enrollments
  • Project COIs
  • Project Policies

The Wrapworks platform allows for smooth management of the large volume of paperwork encountered in any CIP.

TSIB WrapWorks Platform - Project Tracker

For More Information:

TSIB - Wrapworks Infographic

This infographic explains our Wrapworks platform as a solution for your Wrap-Up Administration needs.

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