Builder’s Risk

Your construction project needs Builder’s Risk coverage.

Builder’s Risk is a property policy that addresses physical damage to a project during the course of construction. Builder’s Risk coverage can be provided on both a project-specific and rolling basis. Coverage extensions within the form include materials at an off-site storage facility, materials in transit, debris removal, and pollutant cleanup and damage to existing property.

  • Single policy insuring the entire project from loss.
  • Coverage for uncontrollable exposures such as Coastal Windstorm, Flood, and Earthquake.
  • First-party policy coverage providing expedient payment to keep project progressing on-time.
  • Insured status for Owner, Lender, Mortgage Holder, Contractor, and all Subcontractors on job.
  • Policy Term: Life of project for project-specific policies.
  • Annual rates are offered for rolling programs covering all projects enrolled in the annual term until project completion.
  • Limits of Liability: Programs available up to $1B+
  • Lower limits may apply for specific projects such as residential frame.
  • Retentions: Project specific.
  • Premiums: Varies by type of construction.
  • Policy Forms: Coverage is provided on an all-risk property form including coverage for windstorm, flood, earthquake and terrorism.

Under a Builder’s Risk policy, property that has become or will become a permanent part of the building is covered. This would include construction forms, falsework, scaffolding, cribbing, or other temporary structures.

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All parties involved with an insurable interest in the construction project should be named on the policy and should be familiar with the basic facts regarding builder’s risk.

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