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Standalone Terrorism coverage is an excellent alternative to the United States Government’s Terrorism Coverage (TRIA). Standalone Terrorism coverage can provide better coverage and is not subject to the rules laid out by Congress that can prevent TRIA from paying claims.

For TRIA to be triggered, the attack must be certified by the Secretary of the Treasury, in consultation with the Secretary of Homeland Security and the Attorney General as a Terrorist Attack. In addition, the damage from the attack must exceed $5M and the U.S. Government’s role would not start unless there is $200M in aggregate losses from the attack.

Standalone Terrorism coverage does not have to surpass any of those criteria to pay a claim. If an attack occurs and damages the insured’s facility, the standalone policy will pay for the damage and the loss of revenue.

  • Policy can be triggered for Domestic and International Acts of Terrorism.
  • Coverage includes Loss of Revenue.
  • Cost of Insurance may not be much more than what TRIA would cost for the same risk.
  • Payment of a claim is not contingent on the U.S. Government’s declaration that the act was terrorism or subject to any claim threshold.
  • Standalone Terrorism is a viable market and will continue uninterrupted. TRIA may be discontinued by the U.S. Congress if they do not reauthorize the coverage in 2027.
  • Policy Term: Annual Policies. Project-Specific may be purchased.
  • Coverage Limits: Towers can be built up to $1B or higher.
  • Retentions: Start at $50,000.
  • Policy Form: Policy forms mirror the property policy to extend the covered perils to include acts of terrorism.
  • Coverage arranged through Lloyd’s of London.



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