Safety & Loss Control

A safe project is a successful project.

As a construction brokerage it is understandable that our passion for safety is ingrained. Most Contractors have a good safety program but could benefit from an experienced partner to elevate them to “best in class”.

Our initial approach is to evaluate your current safety & loss control program and recommend appropriate enhancements and milestones for improvement.

Safety must be an integral part of the company culture in every aspect of what you do and the decisions you make. We help our clients build this safety culture. Communication—anchored with feedback from every employee—and the commitment of your leadership drives this culture.

We perform an initial evaluation of your safety culture through feedback received from all levels of your company. These interviews will lay the foundation of the advice and solutions TSIB will recommend to be incorporated into your current programs.

Key considerations
  • Size and scopes of projects
  • Consistent messaging
  • Positive enforcement
  • Current level of safety training
  • Top-down safety culture
Safety “Best Practices”
  • Project Safety Committee
  • Nothing Hits the Ground
  • Handrails at Any Height
  • Ladders Last
  • Full-time Material Manager on Project
  • Job & Daily Hazard Analysis (JHA/DHA)
  • Implement Predictive Safety Solution System
  • Weekly Safety Training for Staff
  • Strict Worker Removal Program for Violators
  • Principal Meetings After Every Incident
  • Project Clean-up Every Night
  • Worker Sign-off (No Injury) Every Friday
Additional Professional Safety
Additional professional safety expertise and training

In addition to TSIB’s in-house safety expertise, we partner with select firms nationally to provide additional professional safety expertise and training to help you meet your safety goals.

TSIB has developed several “Best Practice” recommendations for our clients to fit both corporate and project specific safety plans.

If you are looking for help in building a new safety program, enhancing your existing program, or just looking for some additional safety training, reach out to TSIB and speak with one of our Risk Consultants. Our team will help you build a “Best in Class” safety & loss control program to fit your needs and company culture.

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