Risk Financing

Explore different insurance options for your business.

Why We Do It

TSIB is driven to create successful outcomes for our clients that help them grow their business and increase their profitability.

How We Do It

It starts first and foremost with our commitment to our clients. We treat every client as if they were our only client. Then we combine this philosophy with our experienced industry professionals, construction industry background, and strong relationships with the largest insurance carriers.

What Our Clients Get

Do you need claims services? A team handling your OCIP enrollments? A Surety program that promotes and expands your business? Maybe it’s as simple as peace of mind. Whatever it is, let TSIB help you achieve it.

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The Best Fit for Your Construction Project: CCIP vs. OCIP


Our Hard Market Roadmap

Our industry has seen many challenges recently and operating in a Hard Market will only add additional pressures to your insurance coverages. That’s why we have created a roadmap to help you navigate the insurance Hard Market using only 3 key strategies!

Wrapworks® is our customized technology platform that’s unlike any other on the market. It helps provide your organization with the best possible solutions based on your individual needs.

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