Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Protect your employees with Workers’ Compensation coverage.

Workers’ Compensation (WC) Insurance is an insurance policy that covers an employee’s lost wages and medical expenses due to a work-related injury or illness. It provides your employees those benefits, while protecting your company from potential lawsuits. WC insurance is required in almost every state, which is why it’s crucial to stay informed. The TSIB team can also help you avoid workers’ compensation fraud.

It is imperative to understand how your company’s WC claims will impact your company’s Experience Modification Rate (EMR). If your company has a large amount of WC claims, it will negatively impact your EMR. The key to minimizing Workers’ compensation claims is to provide a safe workplace for your employees. Our team can help you develop and maintain a Safety and Loss Control Program. This helps mitigate losses and ultimately protects your bottom line. At TSIB, we customize your WC policy to meet your business needs. Our team meets with you to learn about your claims history, reporting procedure, safety program and what types of work are being performed. We provide the framework to determine the right preventative strategies to give you peace of mind while helping you discover how you can lower your cost of workers’ compensation insurance.

  • Compliance with state compulsory requirements.
  • Global Capacity Endorsement to cover employees working abroad.
  • Coverage available for Collectively Bargained Programs.
  • Excess Compensation coverage for qualified Self-Insureds.
  • Policy Forms: Provided on state specific statutory form.
  • Policy Term:
  • Limits of Liability: WC Limits are statutory.
    Employers Liability limits are available up to:

    • $1M Bodily Injury by accident- each accident
    • $1M Bodily Injury by disease- policy limit
    • $1M Bodily Injury by disease- each employee

Workers’ Compensation disability benefits provide a portion of your income while you’re unable to work due to a work injury.

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