Railroad Protective Liability

Keep your jobsite on track with a railroad protective policy.

The Railroad Protective policy was developed to apply to a single, specific situation: to provide a clean limit of liability for the Railroad, when a contractor is working within 50 feet of the train tracks. A Railroad Protective policy is taken out by the contractor and is for the benefit of the Railroad(s) that own and/or operate on the tracks in question.

This coverage is needed since a General Liability policy excludes work being performed within 50 feet of a railway unless that exclusion is specifically deleted by an endorsement.

  • Covers the Named Insured and all their subcontractors.
  • Coverage specified by the Railroad will dictate the terms and conditions of the contractor’s insurance program to
    delete the “Work Done within 50 Feet of a Railway”
    Exclusion on the General Liability and Automobile Liability policies.
  • Provides coverage for the Railway’s liability in the event of an accident due to the work being done by the contractor.
    The coverage will also protect physical damage of the
    railroad’s property.
  • The distance of 50 feet can be next to, on top of, or underneath the railways.
  • Minimum premiums can be as low as $2,500.
  • Policies are easily quoted with a completed application. Pricing can be turned around the same day in many
  • Policy Term: Project Specific. Can be less than one year or 5 years or longer.
  • Coverage Limits: 2M/$6M, $5M/$10M, $10M/$10M or $25M/$25M.
  • Retentions: Usually first dollar (no retention or deductible)
  • Limits of Liability:
    Customary practice limits are:

    • $2M per occurrence/ $6M aggregate
    • $5M per occurrence/ $10M aggregate
    • $10M per occurrence/ $10M aggregate
    • $25M per occurrence/ $25M aggregate
TSIB-brokered Railroad Protective Liability policy

Add an additional layer of protection to your construction project with a TSIB-brokered Railroad Protective Liability policy.

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