Co-Broker Partnerships

At TSIB, our Co-Broker+ model is a great way to add a profitable new line of business to any Broker who doesn’t have an established Wrap-Up program. Instead of having your client shop around for a new Broker when they have a construction project, partner with TSIB to keep your business in-house!

How It Works

Our Co-Broker+ model provides the support your Brokerage needs to keep your clients’ Wrap-Up business. Each client’s needs are different; that’s why we provide the desired level of education, sales/marketing support, resume, support, and administration based on what you need in order to place the program. We work with your Brokerage as a team, with the ultimate goal of helping you keep your client.

  • Education

    We work with your Brokerage to determine the best type of Wrap-Up for your client’s project. Our goal is to educate your firm on the mechanics and tools needed to show your client which Wrap-Up solution is right for them.

  • Sales/Marketing Support

    TSIB gives your firm the tools needed to introduce and sell a Wrap-Up to your client. Not only can we help you sell the program, but we can also help you obtain the best insurance rates for your client.

  • Resume

    Your firm will have access to our experienced TSIB team. We are experts in all phases of managing a Wrap-Up. To date, we manage one of the largest Rolling CCIP programs in the construction industry.

  • Support

    Depending on your client’s needs, we are able to provide your Brokerage with additional support that includes but is not limited to:

    • Feasibility Studies
    • Client Presentations
    • Underwriting Support
    • Carrier Introductions
  • Administration

    Under the Co-Broker+ model, you have access to our in-house Wrap Administration Service Center. We use a cloud-based RMIS program that we customized to fit any client’s need. Our exclusive system, Wrapworks®, is used to track any Wrap-Up program including an OCIP, CCIP, GL Only, etc. TSIB’s proprietary system also includes online enrollments, tracking contract compliance, payroll tracking, and more!

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