What is a Wrap-Up program, or CIP? A wrap-up program is a powerful risk management tool for owners and general contractors of large scale construction projects. The term Wrap-Up comes from the process of “wrapping up” all the contractors working on a construction project into a single comprehensive insurance program. The are exclusions to wrap-up programs which is why it is crucial to partner with a broker you can trust. Done correctly, this process should start with a comprehensive and insightful project risk assessment and mitigation plan. Optimally, this risk plan should have the input of the Owner, Contractor, Safety and Claims Professionals assigned to the project. This risk plan is critical to the underwriting process to ensure that all parties on a project have the broadest uniform coverage and the proper limits to insure all the potential exposures on the project. We know you have questions and we’re happy to answer them, wrap-up programs are only beneficial when executed properly.


Does your broker have the experience to help with your project risk plan? There are many different approaches on how to handle the administration on Wrap-Ups, but we have not seen one as efficient, cost effective or client focused as our service center.

WrapWorks is the most advanced, flexible, turn-key solution for automating and streamlining wrap-up administration for OCIPs, CCIPs, GL-only, WC-only and cert tracking.