Insurance Consulting

We are more than a consultant;
we are a partner.

Working with an Insurance Consultant to manage your risk is fundamental for protecting your bottom line. We take the time to understand your company’s operations and its risks. Think of us an extension of your team, in essence your company’s Risk Manager.

As your Insurance Consultant, we are your ideal partner. We ensure your interests are being properly protected.

Our role focuses on the following:

Marketing Function

The Marketing Function is a process designed to create a highly competitive atmosphere that motivates the insurers involved to produce the most aggressive proposals. It includes a pre-renewal strategy, market negotiations, and presentation of quotations.

Risk Management Service Plan

When we develop your unique Risk Management service plan, loss prevention and loss control are the most important aspects of our work.

  • Loss prevention is about setting specific goals with stakeholders, creating benchmarks for others to compare, and monitoring the effectiveness of these efforts.
  • Loss control focuses on the current safety systems, return to work policies, and the claims process.
Program Administration

During the Program Administration phase, we actively manage your Insurance Program once the winning insurers/carriers are identified. Here we maintain the integrity of the insurance program as we establish an open line of communication with the underwriters.

Risk Management Service Plan

We have found there is a direct correlation to TSIB’s efforts in creating a Risk Management Service Plan and the future cost of premium dollars. As your Insurance Consultant, we hold the insurers and your broker accountable, while protecting your interests.

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