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A partnership that can maximize DB/Workforce participation.

With increasing Diversity/Workforce goals and stricter compliance requirements on construction projects, it can be challenging for Owners, Agencies, and Contractors to find qualified MWDBEs and diverse workers. The time and money spent trying to achieve these goals doesn’t always pan out and you may find yourself falling short of your goals.

MWDBE Contractors may also be discouraged, facing barriers to entry like bonding, insurance, access to capital and other resources.

TSIB created a program to help maximize participation and perform many of the activities necessary to succeed. Our exclusive program, DiversityAssured®, is unique because it benefits all parties—Owners, Agencies, Contractors, MWDBEs, and workers.

Our program not only reduces the burden of diversity goal compliance but also helps to increase MWDBE and workforce utilization. This holistic approach was designed to support diversity, equity, and inclusion on your projects.

Our overall program consists of:

This exclusive program is designed to maximize DB/Workforce participation. We partner with companies to support your Diversity compliance demands. Having a full-time compliance program can be expensive and challenging to maintain.

We know each client’s needs are different.

That’s why no matter if you are an Agency, Owner, General Contractor, or a Trade Contractor, our DiversityAssured® program team is filled with experts who not only train your company but provide the resources you need to be successful.

Tsib Industries Owner Developer
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