Ensuring diversity on your next project.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) programs, once associated only with government agencies, are an important component to many private sector projects and programs. Both Owners and Agencies are under pressure to conduct in-depth examinations of vendors’ efforts, data, and documents to confirm compliance and mitigate fraud.

Our DiversityAssured® Program supports Owners and Agencies with assessing, enhancing, and/or developing programs to comply with statutory, regulatory, or contractual requirements, creating opportunities for Diverse Business and Workforce participation. Successful programs preserve funding and benefit communities by supporting economic development. Our staff has decades of experience in program development, implementation, and administration in both the public and private sectors, carried out at the local, state, and national level.

Sometimes Owners and Agencies are constrained by hiring limits and may not have sufficient staff to perform all required program responsibilities. This also presents challenges for knowledge transfer when experienced staff leave the organization. The DiversityAssured team provides support as needed at the program or contract level. Additionally, we offer in-person, webinar or online training in a range of topics.

The approach to finding, contacting, and hiring DBs and trades persons should be the same as the approach to a construction project: more time should be spent in the planning than in the execution.

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