General Contractors and Construction Managers

Building more than a construction project.

General Contractors (GCs) and Construction Managers (CMs) are ultimately responsible for ensuring compliance with contract requirements at all tiers. Managing multi-tiered projects creates pain points for both Prime and Trade Contractors including:

Submission delays of complete, timely, and accurate reports may impact project cash flow.

We also assist Prime Contractors and other trade partners who may not be familiar with Diverse Business (DB) and Workforce requirements, which further compounds delays and errors in reporting, and prevents internal staff from focusing on their primary roles. We provide good faith efforts that do not violate the commercially useful function requirements, as we are an independent third party.

We provide support as needed at the corporate, project team, or contract level and at any phase of the project.

General Contractors and Construction Managers face increased scrutiny regarding compliance with Diverse Businesses (DB) and Workforce goals as well as other contract requirements.

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