Software Solutions

Manage your data with a click.

Our proprietary software application allows us to manage recordkeeping in a paperless environment. TSIB’s software is a “one stop” solution that includes Diverse Business, Workforce, and Training tracking.

Reporting in a single system eliminates the need to buy multiple modules or completely different applications, as well as, managing multiple User IDs and Passwords.

One feature of our software is how easily it imports and exports data while interfacing with other systems. This eliminates the need for manual data entry and facilitates data sharing with other systems used by your organization (i.e. accounting). Data can be viewed in real time by participating firms, agencies, and owners. Most significantly, our software manages the data of your participation program wide facilitating ease of access to historical data upon request.

The software’s features include managing:

  • Diverse Business Utilization (commitment vs. attainment)
  • Workforce Utilization (commitment vs. attainment)
  • Apprenticeship/Training Progress
  • Prompt Payment
  • Wage Rate/Certified Payroll Data
  • Commercially Useful Function Assessments
  • Good Faith Effort Assessments
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