WrapWorks Platform

The Next Generation in Wrap-Up Administration

WrapWorks is the most advanced, flexible, turn-key solution for automating and streamlining wrap-up administration. The administration of a CIP involves handling a large volume of paperwork. Critical to effective management of this information is an advanced Risk Management Information System (RMIS).

TSIB WrapWorks Platform

Technology Built Exclusively for Construction Insurance

  • A single technology platform for CCIPs, OCIPs, GL-only, WC-only & cert tracking
  • Improved information access for sponsors & contractors plus effortless automation for administrators
  • Detailed reports
  • Ensure timely communication and submission for participants
  • Accessible via Web, all browsers, all devices including tablets

Features and Functions Overview


  • Online Enrollment
  • Automated follow-ups until required information submitted
  • Contractor reports subcontractors online
  • Carrier enrollment extract, automated
  • Automated Welcome Letter/Certificate issuance


  • Contractors can submit own deducts/credits in the Insurance Cost Worksheet (ICW) or submit rate/Dec page documents or worksheet documents
  • Track reported & verified ICW


  • Automatic reminders to submit payroll when due
  • Automatic reminders when payroll is late
  • Contractors Submit their own payroll online

Document Upload for Contractors:

  • Contractors can upload offsite certificates of insurance & endorsements for verification of compliance
  • Upload rate/Dec pages online & notify administrator to process


  • Enrollment
  • Payroll
  • Non-CIP (offsite) Certificates/ COI
  • Project Summaries
  • Claims Summaries, if carrier & sponsor supply claims information
  • Export to Excel


  • Distribute reports
  • Send bulk letters
  • Enrollment
  • Payroll
  • Missing information
  • Renewal COI (CIP & Non-CIP)
  • Closeout
  • Carrier Enrollment
  • Carrier Reports
  • Project Termination
  • And more

Proprietary WrapWorks Features


  • Enrollment Status
  • Payroll Summary by project or Contractor
  • Payroll Variance – payroll submitted vs the carrier audit results (if carrier results are received)
  • Loss Runs if claims are received & uploaded
  • Project Termination Schedule
  • Management Summary – Delinquencies Only
  • Compliance Status Report- states exactly what is needed to be compliant with the program
  • Delinquency Matrix – status count by project/sponsor
  • Summary of Payroll & Man hours
  • Comparison of Payroll to Contract Volume
  • EMR Report – list contractors & EMR rating


  • Reminder when project policies are going to terminate at 60 days, 45 days, 30 day, & 15 days
  • Termination letters to all Enrolled Contractors
  • Delinquency Matrix – by contract, by Wrap Administrator, by project
  • Offsite Contract Policies – list each line of coverage, carrier and broker and limits, start & end dates

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