Diverse Businesses

Resources to help grow your Diverse Business.

Winning new work is a primary factor in growing your business. In addition to managing your existing projects, there is a lot of:

  • contract paperwork
  • controlling costs
  • keeping certification listings current
  • obtaining certification under multiple Diverse Business programs

All of this ultimately contributes to your success.

What We Offer

  • As new services/products are added, it’s important to update code listings in certification directories to include these new items. Updating code listings as well as getting certified under multiple programs increases your opportunity to add new clients and increase revenue.

  • Meeting new contractors and controlling costs are important for expanding your business without increasing expenses or overhead. Our DiversityAssured® program can help your company achieve this.

  • Completing our Business Enterprise Questionnaire (BEQ) gives you access to our free referral service. As a Broker, TSIB, insures more than 300 Wrap-Up construction projects . Many Owners/General Contractors are seeking certified firms like yours. The BEQ provides decision makers with a snapshot of your capacity, as well as critical information. This information, including project history and bonding level, does not appear in any certification directory and is unique to our DiversityAssured program.

  • Our staff has decades of experience in developing, implementing, and administering Federal, State and Local DB programs on behalf of General Contractors/Construction Managers, Owners, and State agencies. Our DiversityAssured program has helped many DBs by matching them to:

    • contract opportunities and contractors
    • increased bonding capacity
    • insurance cost reductions

    We have been successful in assisting firms expand their code listings and obtain certification under additional programs. These firms now benefit from increased visibility and contract opportunities.

  • We have extensive expertise in DB certification programs at all levels of government. We can assist you with complex issues such as applications for certification, code update requests, Personal Net Worth and Size Standard calculations, denial/decertification decisions, and certification maintenance.

    Sometimes a negative decision is due to something as simple as identifying the wrong code(s) or insufficient documentation. Let our DiversityAssured team review your application before submission to minimize rejections where possible.

    Even though these items are easily corrected, rejections can discourage firms from reapplying, which can result in lost opportunities and stalled business growth. We can also aide in keeping track of all your certification statuses and remind & assist you of renewals, so that you don’t lose your status.

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