Construction Excess Liability Insurance

Be prepared for large-scale disasters and claims with TSIB’s Excess Liability Insurance that provides additional coverage above and beyond your Automotive Insurance, General Liability, and Employer’s Liability policies.

TSIB Excess Liability Insurance


  • Broad follow form coverage provides consistency between primary and excess layers.
  • Defense is provided in addition to the limits of liability.
  • Completed operations coverage.
  • Policy “follows form” over primary coverage.

Coverages can be written in a variety of ways including current operations or a specific project. When a claim is made, the insurance carrier provides the defense costs (pay on behalf) in addition to the limits of liability. TSIB Excess Liability Insurance solutions provide an additional layer of protection against disasters.


  • Policy Forms: Carrier specific forms are utilized.
  • Policy Term: Annual policy for on-going operations and up to 5 years for project specific coverage.
  • Limits of Liability: Limits of up to $600M are readily available.
  • Retentions: None for excess coverage, minimal Self-insured Retention of $10,000 for Umbrella drop down.

We provide Excess Liability Insurance solutions based on your unique situation and needs. It all starts with a conversation. Give us a call and you’ll witness the TSIB difference.

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