Fraud Monitoring and Mitigation

Prevent fraud with DiversityAssured®.

Diverse Business (DB) fraud can result in any number of penalties ranging from contract termination to imprisonment. The most common penalties are suspension, debarment, and monetary fines.

It’s important to learn best practices to prevent fraud and how to spot warning signs. These practices do not require additional time or money and will become routine in a short amount of time.

We have created dozens of courses and taught thousands of employees at all levels. Additionally, we decades of experience of working with Federal and State law enforcement agencies to successfully investigate and prosecute DB fraud.

DB Schemes

When you utilize TSIB’s DiversityAssured® Program, we can uncover many schemes, including:

  • Utilization Plan Development
  • Certification Reviews and Crediting
  • Commercially Useful Function Reviews
  • Site Visits
  • Payment Reviews
  • Wage Rate Reviews
  • Field Interviews
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