Federal/State/Local Private Requirements

Training programs customized for your business.

Training can be difficult to carry out, especially when there are lower staffing levels or subject matter experts have left. Unfortunately, in these situations, knowledge transfer does not occur as often and as regularly as it should. Staff turnover also contributes significantly to DB and Workforce risk, especially if training is only delivered annually or less frequently.

Complying with statutory and regulatory requirements, whether as a contractor participating on a project or as a government program administrator, maintains funding, mitigates fraud, and precludes litigation.

We have created dozens of courses and taught thousands of industry and agency employees at all levels.

Program Offerings

Our DiversityAssured® Program offers in-person, webinar, or online training in a range of topics, customized for the needs of the organization including:

  • Program Administration
  • Agency/Program Plans and Reports
  • Project Site Visits
  • Federal Contract Compliance Reviews
  • Diverse Business Certification
  • Fraud Mitigation
  • Good Faith Efforts (Diverse Business and Workforce)
  • Commercially Useful Function Certification (USDOT)
  • Goal Development
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