Trade Partners

Helping partners achieve compliance.

Trade partners are focused on project delivery. When it comes to meeting contractual requirements such as recordkeeping and reporting, they often do not have sufficient staff or experience to perform all these requirements. This is especially true in areas that are labor-intensive and time-consuming such as:

  • bid list development
  • good faith effort documentation
  • site visits
  • field interviews
  • documentation
  • reports

Our team supports Trade Partners with a variety of services including:

Fraud Mitigation

These areas are particularly critical to achieving compliance and mitigating fraud both before and after project award.

DB & Workforce Requirements

We can assist Trade Partners at every tier who may not be familiar with Diverse Business (DB) and Workforce requirements, which can create delays and errors in reporting, and in turn cost you time and money.

Good Faith Efforts

We provide good faith efforts that do not violate the commercially useful function requirements, as we are an independent third party.

Targeted Bid List

Prior to the award, we can develop a targeted bid list based on the scope of work and DB requirements.

Compliance Monitoring

After the award, we can monitor and continually assess compliance, identifying “red flags” and resolving issues before they become non-compliance problems.

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