Wrap Ups

TSIB Wrap-up Portal
Controlled Insurance Programs (CIPs), commonly referred to as Wrap-ups, are a tailored solution designed to address all of the statutory and tort liability risks of a project through a single comprehensive insurance program. The use of a CIP ensures that all parties on a project have uniform coverage with a single carrier. Cross-claims and contentious litigation amongst parties at the job site are eliminated in favor of this cost effective solution. Coverage applies to the Owner, Contractor and subcontractors of all tiers working on a designated project. Vendors and those parties only making deliveries to the project are typically excluded. Coverage can be written on a single project basis for projects with construction value in excess of $70M or on a rolling basis.

Coverages included in a CIP are: Workers’ Compensation (WC), Employers’ Liability, General Liability (GL) and Excess Liability Coverage.

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