Contractor’s Pollution Liability (CPL)

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Contractor’s Pollution Liability (CPL) provides coverage for environmental claims such as mold, hazardous materials remediation, and other pollutants that arise out of any type of contracting operation.

Regardless if you are dealing with environmental firms or general contractors, CPL provides you with the assurance that you are covered. CPL provides an insurance mechanism that responds to bodily injury, property damage, clean-up costs and possible defense costs resulting from a pollution or environmental incident.

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  • Defense against potential frivolous lawsuits or complaints brought against you
  • Mold liability coverage can be included
  • Premises pollution coverage for owned, leased, and rented properties available
  • Coverage for punitive damages (where allowable by law) can be provided.
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  • CPL can be offered on an occurrence or claims-made basis.
  • Policy Term: Up to 15 years
  • Annual Polices are available.
  • Project Policies: Policies insuring specific projects including completed operations coverage.
  • Limits of Liability: Up to $50M per loss/$50M aggregate.
  • Total market capacity of any risk $250M.

Work with TSIB to provide comprehensive environmental coverage for your next project.

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