Contractor’s Professional & Pollution Liability

Contractor’s Professional and Pollution Liability (CPPL) policy offers a cost-effective solution for firms that require insurance coverage for both professional and environmental liability exposures. This line bridges the gap between environmental and non-environmental firms like construction managers, design-builders and general contractors.

TSIB Contractor's Professional Pollution Liability


  • Professional and pollution in one policy
  • Mold liability coverage can be included
  • Premises pollution coverage for owned, leased, rented properties are available.
  • Coverage for punitive damages (where allowable by law) can be provided


  • Policy Forms: CPPL can be offered on an occurrence or claims-made basis.
  • Some CPPL products also offer a first party “protective” coverage – indemnity for damages in excess of an underlying design professional’s professional liability policy.
  • The CPPL can be written on a project specifc basis or practice/blanket basis.
  • Policy Term: Up to 5 years including completed operations coverage for project specific policies. Annual policies are also available.
  • Limits of Liability: $50M per loss/$50M aggregate with any one particular carrier. $150M per loss/$150M aggregate limit of liability if structured with multiple carriers.

Work with TSIB to truly understand your environmental risks and vulnerabilities associated with your facility or site.

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